The Store offers the following payment methods, of which, some may depend on the Clients’ country, the chosen currency, or other factors such as technical pre-requisites.

The below mentioned list of the restrictions and specifications may be subject to modification and are revocable, at the sole discretion of the Store and are only indicative in nature.

     a) ePrzelew/e-transfer (also referred to as instant online payment): for payments solely expressed in PLN and via Polish banks connected to the Store’s clearing and settlement agent eCard S.A.;
     b) direct bank transfer to the Store’s bank account: for payments in PLN and EUR;
     c) payment via credit card: for payments in PLN, EUR and USD and via cards connected to the Store’s clearing and settlement agent eCard S.A.;
     d) payment via PayPal – for payments in PLN, EUR and USD.

The company eCard S.A. ( which is a clearing and settlement agent supervised by the President of the National Bank of Poland is the Store’s payment process partner. eCard S.A. provides professional payments solutions. The payment Card Authorization System offered by eCard S.A. guarantees the highest level of security for our Clients.

The Store may charge additional fees depending on the chosen payment method. In such a case those additional fees are transparently shown in the order process after the Client has selected the chosen payment method.

Currently we offer to our clients the possibility of instant online payments and payment via credit cards from the banks and companies listed below:

ecard partners

The store's bank account numbers

IBAN for payments in PLN: PL94 2490 0005 0000 4530 2652 9927 (Alior Bank S.A.)
IBAN for payments in EUR: PL48 2490 0005 0000 4600 9723 9152 (Alior Bank S.A.)
Recipient: Dejavu Fashion Sp. z o.o. | ul. Solariego 4 | 02-070 Warsaw | Poland

Gift cards (vouchers)

Gift cards work like virtual cash. Gift cards can be purchased in our shop as a present for someone close to you. Each gift card has a certain value and an expiration date attached to the gift card code you will get. During the check-out process (in the basket) the gift card code must be entered into the field "Gift card" and activated. A gift card code can be used only once, cannot be splitted to multiple orders and any unused amounts cannot be redeemed.

Coupon codes

Each coupon code has a certain percentage value and an expiration date. In case you possess a coupon code it shall be entered during the check-out process (in the basket) into the field "Coupon code" and activated.