Necklace pendant module, 925 st. silver, rose gold

(Code: AM-SI-RG)
Manufacturer: Deja vu

Rose gold coated
This Deja vu necklace pendant is made of 925 sterling silver. Combine the necklace pendant with any decorative disc, or with 2 combinable discs.
The pendant holder has a 4,2 mm wide eyelet and you may use any necklace (chain) of your choice.

All Deja vu products are free of nickel.
Necklace pendant box with contentYour chosen necklace pendant will be delivered in the box as illustrated on the image on the right side and will include the "core" and all required accessories such as a pendant holder a pin and mounting rings.

Please note that a necklace (chain) as such is not part of the product delivery. Such necklaces are widely available in various materials, forms and lengths.