Is the watch water resistant?

Why would I need the spacing rings?

What is a mounting ring?
What to do when a mounting ring is damaged?
When would I use a felt disc?
What are the pins for?
Are all Deja vu products nickel free?
Are the straps leather?
How to replace a battery?
What are the guarantee terms for the watch?

Is the watch water resistant?Deja vu watch

Deja vu watches are water resistant up to 3 ATM.  However we do not recommend the watch be worn whilst doing the dishes or playing sports.

Why would I need the spacing rings?Deja vu spacing rings

The spacing ring is only required when the decorative disc is very thin, then the spacing ring ensures a tight fit on the watch strap.

What is a mounting ring?Deja vu mounting ring

A mounting ring is a robust yet flexible rubber/silicone band which holds the watch securely in place.

What to do when a mounting ring is damaged?

If used properly, the mounting rings should last a long time. However if the rubber was punctured with the pin it is possible for it to break. New mounting rings can be ordered at Dejavu Fashion Ltd. at very low cost.

When would I use a felt disc?Deja vu felt disc

The felt are used to create a new look through the use of colour by being placed behind a disc.  There are numerous colours to choose from.

What are the pins for?Deja vu pin

These are used to lift out the mounting ring and change elements of the watch.

Are all Deja vu products nickel free?Deja vu disc

Yes. All Deja vu products are free of nickel.

Are the straps leather?Deja vu leather strap

All Leather straps are made from genuine leather.  The genuine leather symbol is not featured as it has no copyright and therefore adds no value.

How to replace a battery?Deja vu watch

Replacing the battery without the professional assistance is not recommended by the manufacturer as it requires experience, skills and special tools. Improper replacement can cause a watch mechanism malfunction and result in loss of the guarantee. We strongly advise you to visit a skilled professional who will perform the battery replacement for you.

What are the guarantee terms for the watch?Deja vu watch

The Deja vu watches are covered by a 24-month guarantee effective from the date of purchase. However elements such as: watch-glass, watch case, buckle, strap, mounting rings and decorative discs are not covered by the guarantee nor are the damages caused by a misuse or third parties interference especially an incompetent replacement of the battery.