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A particular type of acryl is used to produce the discs carrying lyrics and motives.


A light metallic element which is silver in colour.


Cast is an alloy made of carbon-iron compounds mixed with non-ferrous metals such as copper, zinc, lead, tin and others.


The Deja vu collection includes chain straps on which you can display your favourite charms.


Deja vu

The Deja vu brand name conveys the unique concept of the product - the watch looks familiar but something is different. Deja vu also refers to that mysterious feeling that you have lived through this experienced before.

Dyed Plastics

Colours are poured into liquid plastics thereby creating a mottled and variable tone which when cut and polished makes each disc unique.



Felt rings in numerous colours add a new dimension to your watch design by combining with silver discs. Felt rings are made out of thick soft cloth formed from pressed wool.



A substance used to give something a shinny surface.

Gold plated stainless steel

Gold coloured coating over Stainless steel base.



Some of the discs are handmade.  If interested in further details please contact the Deja vu office.


Leather straps

All Leather straps are made from genuine leather.  The genuine leather symbol is not featured as it has no copyright and therefore adds no value.


Mother of Pearl

A smooth, hard substance forming a layer inside the shells of some sea animals. It is white but also seems to shine with many different colours.  Most mother of pearl discs are handmade.


Nickel free

All Deja vu products are free of Nickel so safe for those who are allergic.



The concept of how to create the Deja vu watch by combining key elements is protected by a technical patent.


The Deja vu pin is used to change the watch components.



A bright crystal jewel (made of glass) which resembles a diamond.



Deja vu silver products are made of 925 Sterling Silver.

Spent battery

In accordance with the European Union regulations we would like to remind you that electric and electronic devices that are no longer usable should not be disposed along with other household waste. Please take spent batteriest  to special communal or private  collection points suitable for disposal, processing and recycling of such devices or return them at our Store.
By obeying these regulations you contribute to the preservation of the natural resources as well as health and environment protection.

Spent batteries should be removed from the watch and disposed of into a special container.

Stainless Steel

A type of steel containing chromium, which does not chemically react with air or water and does not change its colour.



Tombac is an alloy used in the bijou industry and is basically made of copper and zinc. The colour depends on the percentage of zinc. Tombac has over 70% copper.


All trademarks and the logo are registered with the appropriate authorities and are protected.